• Building a private house is a complex project for every architect, both the experienced and especially those who wish to do it for the first time.

    Many compromise and buy a house instead of building their dream house only because of the fear of facing an exhausting planning and building process.

    Ron Aviv Architects is a niche office which mostly plans premium private houses and aims to help those who want to go through the building process as easily and efficiently as possible, and also enjoy the ongoing creative process. We believe that where most architects stop – that's where we begin.

    We advise from the early stages of plot location and acquisition guidance, through meticulous investigation of the near urban surroundings, forming a program and the planning concept, while addressing the client's requests and needs, to beginning of detailed planning. 

    At this stage we form a detailed budgetary estimate which accompanies the project throughout its progress. We also accompany the professional hiring process, whether a main contractor or a supervisor and subcontractors, and assist in choosing the suitable people till the last of the suppliers and professionals. We frequently supervise the building process itself on site.

    Our office plans contemporary modernist houses which always includes a constructive challenge and mass complexity. Our houses stand out in their surroundings and clients who seek our services would be those looking for the added value. Our office is small and home-like and the relationship with our clients is friendly and open.